Grade Level Parties- Tickets Still Available

Grade Level Parties- Tickets Still Available
All parties are $25 per child. Host families DO HAVE to buy a ticket for Grade Level Parties.
Kindergarten Girls: Back to School Party

Date: TBD

Join all the kindergarten girls for a back to school pool party! Date and location TBA!

Hosts: Lollie Scheble, Lesley Rhodes, Emily Smith, Reid Renwick, Berkeley Litton, Carrie Hamilton, Ginna McLanahan, Laura Doak, Lynelle Kennedy, Kerry Adams, Laura Chavoya and Anna Harper

Kindergarten BoysBack to School Party

Date: Monday, August 20th 1-3- Park Cities Baptist gym

Come join your classmates for fabulous afternoon at the Park Cities Baptist Church Gym.  We will have relay races and play a variety of different sports from Capture the Flag to Kickball. The sky's the limit and the main ingredient for this party is FUN! 

This Back to School Party will be right before school starts! Date will be provided later this spring.  It's going to be a blast and a perfect way for your son to spend one of his last days of summer break before starting First Grade! 

Alison Chandler, Divia Dayalji, Suzanne Duda, Ashley Ellis, Kathy Fielder, Caroll Gurganus, Kristine McCallum, Rene Noris, Beth Peters, Tamara Swaldi

1st Grade Girls: Back to School Party

Date: Friday, August 17th 10:30-Noon- UP Pool

Hosts: Mandy Davenport, Allison Lockard, Emily Haddock, Wynne Brown, Ashley Shull, Sarah Jones, Allison Murphy, Katy Miller, Diana Swope, Alissa Gearing, Amy Kovac, Merry Wyatt, Annie Cochran

1st Grade BoysBack to School Party

Date: Tuesday, August 21 1-2:45pm - Dallas Country Club

Hosts: Boyd, Brown, Conlon, Crouch, Crump, Heartfield, Isaac, Klein, Pate, Stienke, Talley and Vogds

2nd Grade GirlsBack to School Party

Date: Thursday, August 16th 10am-Noon- UP Pool

Hosts:Chelsea Duvall, Katie Head, Sarah Klein, Kylie Vardeman, Gretal Shipley, Mary Wood, Stacey Keel, Hadley Galt, Robin Hufsey, Mary Elise McGowan, Maureen Cushman, Kerry Adams, Merrick Huckin, Elizabeth Conger, Shannon Jud

2nd Grade BoysBack to School Party

Date: Tuesday, August 21 1:00-3:00p - Highland Park Pool

Hosts: Missy Saafield, Megan Filgo, Sara Friedman, Berkley Litton, Lane Ray, Pleasant McCulloch, Wynne Brown, Anne Williams, Laura Siino, Kristine McCallum, Melanie Schoenvogel, Adriane Crosland, Rachel Stienke, and Laura Chavoya 

3rd Grade GirlsBack to School Party

Date: Friday, August 17 3:00pm - Dallas Country Club

Hosts:Amy Hegi, Libby Hegi, Meredith Ferrell, Maryanne Denton, Allison Lent, Tiffany Luedtke, Sarah Vogds, Kate Swail, Sarah Jones, Addie Skinner, Beth Peters, Carol Gurganus, Celeste Chadwick, Alyson Engstrom, Lisa Mallonee, and Ashley Shull

3rd Grade BoysBack to School Party

Date: Friday, August 17th 3:30-5pm- Highland Park Pool

Hosts:Jennifer Blevins, Lynelle Kennedy, Carrie Hamilton, Molly Thomas, Allison Murphy, Alissa Gearing, Honey Owens and Paige Andrews 

$ 25.00